Winter Camp Notice


10th Richmond Hill Scouts Group

Annual Winter Camp


Feb. 21st – 23rd, 2014


Drop off (Woodland Trails Parking Lot)

Friday, Feb.21st, 7:00pm

Pick up (Woodland Trails Parking Lot)

Sunday, Feb.23rd, noon


Woodland Trails Scout Camp

Address: 14919 Kennedy Road, Stouffville, Ontario

Direction: 404 North, Exit at Bloomington Road, Go East, Go North (Left) on Kennedy Road, go about 1.5 km, camp will be on your right.


Big Pine Lodge and Elmview Lodge


$60.00 per person

Fee includes campsite fee and food

Visiting Hours:

 Saturday Feb. 22nd, 2014  2:00 – 4:00pm

Reminders to Members and Parents:


  1. All members must carry their Full uniforms.
  2. All members shall carry their campfire blankets for campfire. It is ok for not having any crests on yet, but remember to put it on during campfire in order to continue the spirit of scout campfire.
  3. No snacks are allowed in the campsite. Food is the major attraction to the wild animals. Committee and leaders will check all scouts backpacks and their belongings when they arrive.
  4. No electronic items are allowed at the campsite. Leaders and committee members will have cell phones and walkie talkies with them for emergency uses.

Reminders to Parents:

  1. Because most of our activities are outdoors, all members Must have winter hat, winter gloves, winter coats, snow pants, indoor shoes and snow boots otherwise your child will not be allowed to stay or you will be called to pick your child up at camp.
  2. If parents are planning to visit during visiting hours, please make sure you sign up at the committee desk and it is a MUST to let section head leaders know.
  3. Parents must notify leaders and committee if your child needs to take medicine during camp. Parents MUST put detail instructions with the medication and the most important thing is the full name of your child. If your child is sick please keep them home (i.e. fever, stomach problem, etc…..) otherwise we will call you to come get him or her.
  4. Once again, please make sure to remind the section leader about what allergy your children have.
  5. . Please make sure that your child has an extra change of clothes gloves and scarf because they will get wet.

Winter Camp Personal Equipment (All Members)

  1. Scout Uniform
  2. Backpack
  3. Winter Boots
  4. Winter Coat
  5. Snow pants
  6. Indoor Shoes
  7. Water Bottle
  8. Winter Cap or Hat
  9. Mitts
  10. Clothing (i.e. pants, t-shirts, sweaters)
    1. Clothing should NOT be cotton
    2. Polyester clothing for warmth
    3. Quick dry clothing
    4. Personal Clothing (i.e. underpants)
    5. Extra socks
  11. Wash and drying cloth for dishes
  12. Flashlight & Extra Batteries
  13. Sleeping Bag
  14. Whistle
  15. Hanger (for your uniform)
  16. Utensils
    1. Spoon, knife, fork
    2. Reusable Plastic Bowl or Plate ( No paper plates please)
    3. Reusable Plastic Cup or Mug

Additional Winter Camp Personal Equipment (Scouts Only)


  1. Compass (Scouts Only)
  2. Pocket Knife (Scouts Only)
  3. Matches or Lighter (Scouts Only)
  4. Emergency Kit (Scout Only)
  5. First Aid Kit (Scouts Only)                 
  6. Campsite Map (Scouts Only)
  7. 2 Plastic Garbage bags


Cubs need to bring a compass and a whistle.